Dayuan Group solemnly held the new technology seminar of Fukang Homeland steel structure industrialization


   Dayuan Group solemnly held the new technology seminar of Fukang Homeland steel structure industrialization on September 29. President of China Construction Metal Structure Association and former Deputy Minister of Construction, Bing Yao, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Kejian Ma, director of Tianjin University Institute of Steel Structure, Zhihua Chen, vice president of China Construction Industry Association, Mengbin Xu, chairman Jianguo Li and national experts and scholars gathered Dayuan Group, sharing their ideas about the cooperation and development of housing industrialization new technologies of Steel Structure.

In response to the national green building, energy conservation and housing industrialization policies, Dayuan Group began adopting advanced steel structure housing technology of Tianjin University on July, 2014 , organizing capable forces involving in the planning, design, and construction, and sparing no efforts build the key livelihood project- Fukang Homeland Project. Fukang Homeland Public Rental Housing Project located in the west of Jinger Road and south of Xianghai Road. This project covers an area of 66.87 mu, eight 18-25 layers, a total of 1588 suites of residential buildings, and the total investment is 472 million Yuan.

   The meeting provides the professionals of steel structure industry with a technical exchange and sharing platform and offers guidance and assistance for the steel structure industrialization new technology of Fukang Homeland.