The State Department of Housing Chief Engineer, Yiming Chen comes to Fukang Homeland Project of Dayuan Group to conduct on-site research and panel discussion.


  Dayuan Group held the research forum of Fukang Homeland Steel Project in Cangzhou on March 2.

  Relevant leaders attended the meeting,chief engineer of Ministry of Housing & Urban- Rural Development, Yiming Chen, director of Housing Industrialization Promotion Center, Zhonghua Feng and deputy director Zhongbo Chen, section chief of Planning and Development Branch Meixia Liu, section chief of  Wall Material of Energy Saving Technology Division Renfei He; Chief of Department of Housing & Urban- Rural Development Yunshan Su, deputy director of Urbanization Leading Group Office Wenxue Yu, director of Building Industrialization Promotion Center Dafei Yu, director of Department of Housing & Urban- Rural Development Xuefeng Zhang, deputy Party Secretary and mayor Dahu Wang, deputy mayor Zhigang Yuan, secretary general of Cangzhou Government Jun Che, deputy secretary general Qiang Xu, director general of Bureau of Housing and Urban of Cangzhou Jianfeng Yang, deputy director general Yutao Zhang and Chairman of the Board of Dayuan Group, Jianguo Li and so on. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Mayor of Cangzhou, Zhigang Yuan 

   The success of the research forum of Dayuan Group, will provide guidance and assistance in steel structure industrialization new technology of Fukang Homeland, and effectively solve the technical problems encountering in subsequent construction stage. The steel structure housing system will inevitably have new opportunities for development in the context of China is vigorously promoting green buildings and housing industrialization.