Sponsored by the Dayuan Group, the “insight ? Pattern ? Development" conference held in Beijing on April 29.

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  Sponsored by the Dayuan Group, the “insight • Pattern • Development" conference held in Beijing on April 29.  Experts and leaders from Beijing Residential Real Estate Chamber of Commercial, China Academy of Building Research, ZHONGJIAN ZHENGYAN, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Ironbase Investments Co., Ltd, Headchina International Group Co., Ltd, DHC Software Co., Ltd, China Construction First Group and so on attended the meeting and the meeting presided by the president of Tsinghua University Architecture class teacher Hua Wang and Zhou Yu, vice president of Dayuan Group.

  At the meeting, experts and leaders analysis the field of real estate, PPP project, finance, "Internet +", prefabricated concrete structure and other aspects of the terrestrial environment and national policies, and also give a lot of advice for the future development of Dayuan Group

Chairman of the Board of Dayuan Group, Jianguo Li , said that  the presentation of the experts and scholars speaking at the meeting will bring a great deal of support and help for the development of  Dayuan Group, and also play a important role in creating platform-based development model and integrating the  social resources effectively, further emancipating the mind of Dayuan staff, integrating national macroeconomic policy-making and national development strategy of transformation and promotion, which will lay a solid foundation for the realization of making greater contribution to state interests, business interests and the interests of the employees .