Garden Company held a pre-control project profits, camp changed to increase Publicizing

北京快三开奖走势图一定牛 June 18, the company operating the Department of Forestry was held in the conference room podium all activities on the theme "Project profit pre-control + camp changed to increase Publicizing the" garden company staff attendance.
  Life is more than poetry and distant fields as well as in front of "Camp changed to increase", from May 1, 2016 Camp changed to increase the full implementation of open, increasing the tidal change in the camp, in order to fully enhance the camp changed to increase everyone's learning, garden companies active learning camp changed to increase knowledge, to participate in the camp changed to increase training, learn from the master and then to use the camp changed to increase imperative.
For the more specific control over the camp changed to increase, operators Minister Zhu Jinling according to the actual situation of each site, conducted a detailed analysis, and tax calculation method selection critical point, for example, we concentrate on the meeting, sat, afraid to miss a knowledge point, ask questions, Yang Lei, operations manager for the issues more in-depth explanation. Ambition to one hundred percent, one hundred percent absolutely determined to make the ingenuity and deep into the camp changed to increase each person's work life.