Dayuan Group rose to 42 in “Hebei's Top 100 Enterprises”

北京快三开奖走势图一定牛 Recently, sponsored by Hebei Federation of Industrial Economics,and hosted by Hebei Enterprise Directors Association,Hebei Enterprise Confederation and Hebei Statistical  Society Association,the contest results of 2016 Hebei's Top 100 Enterprises were announced. Dayuan Group appeared in the “Hebei's Top 100 Enterprises” and ranked 42, having risen 8 compared with the last year, “Hebei top 50 tax enterprises” and ranked 39,having risen 9 compared with the last year, and honored  the “Pacesetter Enterprises in Construction Industry of Hebei”

In recent years, Dayuan Group having been focused on innovation-driven, speeding up the transformation and upgrading, and adhering to integrating the basic party with the enterprise development, achieving a win-win situation of material civilization and spiritual civilization.

It is reported that Hebei's Top 100 Enterprises contest aims to guide the enterprises to take the initiative to adapt to the new normal,improve integrated quality,optimize the industrial structure and improve innovation. Dayuan Group has nominated Hebei's Top 100 Enterprises” five years in a row,which indicated that Dayuan Group has entered the first echelon enterprises in Hebei Province.