The Cultural Show of “Entrepreneurial Innovation Fund of Dayuan” start-up ceremony grandly held in Cangzhou Normal University


The cultural show of “Entrepreneurial Innovation Fund” start-up ceremony grandly held in Cangzhou Normal University on December 9. Party secretary of Cangzhou Normal University, Xifeng Chen issued an appointment certificate of"Guest Professor of Moral Education” to the chairman Jianguo, Li.

 “Entrepreneurial Innovation Fund of Dayuan is a special fund of entrepreneurship and innovation for the teachers, staff and students in Cangzhou Normal University. Dayuan Group will inject 100,000 Yuan each year from 2016 to 2024, a total of 1000,000 Yuan, boosting entrepreneurship and innovation, and establish the Foundation, formulate corresponding charter and assess and issue the innovation fund.

Dayuan Group has always been committed the public welfare for many years and organize the activities of Dayuan Charitable Fund, voluntary blood donation, micro-wishes, aid of poverty, donation for schools and the Hope Project. Dayuan Group has always been a positive responder of various activities in China.


The vice president Lianxing Wang of Dayuan Group, chairman of the Labor Union Baozhong Lyu, director of Enterprise Culture Center, Yunxiang Jia, party committee and vice-president Fuzhen Niu and 600 students and teachers attended the cultural show.