Dayuan Group donated 2.18 million Yuan to Xinhua District Government for "4.9 Guofu Market Fire in Cangzhou" on April


 Cangzhou Guofu Wholesale burst fire on April 9, leading to different degrees of damage and some merchants got into trouble, which aroused the attention from various circles of society.

 In response to the love call of the Cangzhou Civilization Office, Chairman of the Board of Dayuan Group, Jianguo Li, held an emergent team meeting to study the firefighting.

    At the meeting, he said that: “As a local enterprise in Cangzhou , Dayuan Group  has been concerned about the development of  Cangzhou, so it is our responsibility to do our part in helping the folks who in trouble. Dayuan Group donated 2.18 million Yuan through Xinhua District Government to the devastated area and provided the merchants and staff affected with 100 jobs.