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Jianguo Li
Chairman of the Board of Dayuan Investment Group
Honorary Chairman of Dayuan Construction Group
Secretary of the Party Committee of Dayaun Group
Executive Director of China Construction Industry Association
Vice-president of Hebei Construction Industry Association

Shuming Hao
President of Dayuan Construction Group,member of Communist Party,senior engineer,Vice-president of Cangzhou Construction Industry Association

Lianxing Wang
CEO of Dayuan Construction Group,president of Yuanzhong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd,member of Communist Party,senior engineer.

Chunrong Zhang
Vice president for operation, member of Communist Party,senior engineer, the national registered cost engineer.

Changli Tang
Director and vice president,general manager of Municipal Road and Bridge Corporation, member of Communist Party,senior engineer,  national First-class registered architect

Peizhuang Zheng
Chief engineer,senior engineer ,national First-class registered architect, Vice-president of Quality Branch of Hebei Construction Industry Association

Zhou Yu
Director and deputy party secretary, vice president for administration, member of Communist Party, senior engineer,  national First-class registered architect , deputy secretary-general of Cangzhou Construction Industry Association, qualification evaluation experts of construction enterprise

Lei Sun
Chief accountant, member of Communist Party, senior accountant, Chinese Registered Financial Analyst (CRFA)

Taisheng Zhang
Chief economist, Legal Director, Democratic Party, senior economist and lawyer

Vice president
National First-class registered architect
Construction engineering quality patrol experts in Hebei Province