Speech by Chairman of the Board

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    The life of a company lies in the quality of its products and services, the vitality of a company lies in the excellence of its employees, and the hope of a company lies in the reputation of its brand. The goals of a company always lie ahead.

        Faced with the kaleidoscopic trends of the world, the employees at Dayuan are full of confidence towards the future.

We unite into a powerful team with our goodwill and sincerity.

        We forge the brand of Dayuan with the shared culture and philosophy. We ceaselessly explore and stride towards greater goals with our wisdom and hard work.

        Working together, we are creating today's world and the future world. As “a producer of public products”, Let us join our hands to build up a harmonious society and a better future with the sense of responsibility for our motherland and people.


          The higher you stand, the farther you will see, those have a broad mind will take a broader view.

                                Chairman of the Board

                                        Jianguo Li

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