Group Overview

北京快三开奖走势图一定牛  The millennium iron lions have witnessed the evolution of Cangzhou in the long history; the long canal has bred the profound cultural deposits of Cangzhou; and the torrential wave of Bohai Sea has witnessed the endeavor of the Cangzhou people. On the 14,000 square kilometers of land, Dayuan people are devoted to innovation and development, nourishing the development of both banks like the ancient canal. Through sixty years of hard work despite of wind and rain. Dayuan people have left a number of brilliant three-dimensional landscapes in the ancient city of Cangzhou with their youth and sweat, making the Bohai Pearl more brilliant; with sixty years of trials and hardship, Dayuan people have created the preeminent Dayuan brand with wisdom and painstaking efforts and made Dayuan a powerful force in the Chinese construction industry.

Dayuan Group was the first to complete the enterprise restructuring in Cangzhou City in 1998 and the group company was established in 2005.From the icy and snowy Hulun Buir to Sanya Hainan Province, from the northwest frontier to the coastal cities full of skyscrapers, 5,000 brave and smart Dayuan people have been working hard in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions throughout China, and Dayuan has successfully entered the international market and left its footprints in Cameroon, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, India and other countries. Dayuan employees have been working hard all the way and has created Dayuan’ s own brand in the areas of finance, housing construction, public works, highway, water conservancy, railway, petroleum chemical, bridges, tunnels, real estate, commercial concrete, building materials, leasing and inspection. With the heroic spirit of “ unexcelled strength to move mountains” , Dayuan has won a number of honors, including the Luban Prize – the highest quality award in the Chinese construction industry, and the Great Wall Cup - the  highest construction safety award in China, and Dayuan’ s over 300 provincial-level high-quality projects have won the Anji Cup, the Haihe River Cup, the Taishan Cup, the Yangtze Cup and other awards. Dayuan has received the honorary titles of China’ s Top 80 Contractors, Top 100 Competitiveness Enterprises in China’ s Construction Industry, Hebei’ s Top 100 Enterprises, Hebei’ s Leading Construction Enterprise, the National Advanced Construction Enterprise etc.

Now with the strokes of my inspired pen I shake the Five Mountains. My poem is done, I laugh and my delight is vaster than Cangzhou.” Dayuan Group will adapt to the new normal state so as to build itself into an integrated, urban investment and construction service provider in the whole industry chain of investment & financing, planning & design, construction management and operation services, realize transformation and upgrading and move forward towards the ultimate goal of becoming “a listed enterprise, an enterprise with an output value of one hundred billion yuan, a blessed enterprise and time -honored brand”. The grand reform and pattern as the voice of the age has resounded through the vast sky, and the great wisdom and the footsteps of the dream of great development will be inscribed on the road ahead.

  Dayuan Group has set sail towards a higher goal!